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    A custom designed and built tomb in New Orleans, Louisiana. This mausoleum was transported in pieces and assembled on-site.
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    A beautiful deep-gray side-by-side mausoleum with a ton of optional features!
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    A 48-niche columbarium standing in Roswell, NM for the veterans.
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    A small sampling of our beautiful monuments: Lighthouse, Angel, Single Heart, Tear Drop, Cremation Bench, and Slant.

Custom 4-crypt in New Orleans
Custom Four-Space
Side-by-side Deluxe Unit
Side-by-side Deluxe
48-Niche Columbarium
48-Niche Columbarium
Various Monuments/Headstones
Various Monuments

Reasons to Buy a FORTRESS

Reasons to Buy a FORTRESS™

  • Fortress Mausoleums eliminate expensive headstones, burial vaults, and WATER.
  • Fortress Mausoleums provide CLEAN, DRY, ABOVE GROUND entombment.
  • Fortress Mausoleums can be personalized and custom built.
  • We stand behind all products and installations. We guarantee your satisfaction.
  • We do not just manufacture and sell mausoleums. We also deliver and install. One phone call and we do the rest.

Recent News

Shipping Wars

GAUTIER, Mississippi - The City of Gautier announces Fortress Mausoleums will be featured on A&E's hit reality series "Shipping Wars."

Fortress Mausoleums is a Gautier company specializing in manufacturing mausoleums and columbaria. Fortress's products are delivered and installed all over the country. The sixth season Shipping Wars episode is titled "Spaced Invaders," and featuring Marc Springer and the employees of Fortress Mausoleums, make a shipment to Roswell, New Mexico. Continue reading...

James Brown

The Godfather of Soul, James Brown, has been laid to rest inside a Fortress.

Fortress Mausoleums, at Interstate 10 and Mississippi 57, has been gaining a national reputation -- six deliveries in six states in one week recently. In March 2007, the little company was selected to provide the mausoleum for James Brown on the Brown estate in South Carolina... Continue reading...